Wall Street has invested $100,000,000's on chiropractic, why lawyers are bypassing MD Specialists, why ER's are welcoming chiropractors and why MD primary care providers are bypassing both PT's and surgeons for chiropractors for spine. To learn more:  https://goo.gl/r1iRuq



March 30, 2019

Welcome to the Academy

Here's your introduction into how the Academy of Chiropractic can radically change the dynamics of your practice. We're committed to helping you succeed.

There is too much controversy around the utilization of x-rays as it appears to have become  “politicized” and opined by those NOT in practice. This podcast helps you to decide, based upon the academic standard we learned in the classroom during our training and re-focus you on developing a Diagnosis, Prognosis and Treatment plan before treating.

It is far easier in a non-political posture to lead in your community and the profession and it is all based upon being the “best of the best” based upon your clinical excellence. This podcast shows you how to use that and get referral sources to run after you and if  you choose, have the profession look to you for answers.

“Is Colossus reporting critical to a personal injury case? This is a core issue and can either be the most important arbiter of a case, or the “get rich quick” scheme sold to you by too many in our industry. You have to be able to distinguish between the two. Listen and learn”

Are you bored, burnt out, tired of fighting with patients and carriers? Many used to be and are not anymore because they have found the secret to perpetually spiraling upwards, and it is purely based on your clinical excellence. Learn what I and so many others have figured out on how to have a BLAST in your practice for the rest of your career!

Philosophy, dogma or politics no longer “rule the day” on what a chiropractic spinal adjustment is; the scientific literature has spoken loudly and concludes the “bone on nerve” debate. This Podcast discusses the literature and explains the physiological mechanisms behind what we do.

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